I was referred to Kevin by an attorney friend of mine. I am completely satisfied with the handling and outcome of my disability insurance case. I was wrongly denied disability insurance benefits under a group policy through my employer. Kevin was able to secure my benefits on appeal of the denial. Kevin took time to answer all my questions and was always accessible. He was on top of requirements and deadlines which is great for someone who is disabled. Kevin is very professional and trustworthy in my opinion and I highly recommend Kevin.

Cindy S.

Mr. Zietz was dedicated to my long-term care case from the beginning. He spent countless hours not only on our case but helping me through the emotional barriers that I was experiencing due to the way that the insurance company was treating me. He always made time to help me and my family understand process and to calm us down and ease the tension. He provided great support throughout the entire process. Mr. Zietz is a very capable attorney who was able to achieve a very satisfactory result in my long term-care case, which has helped me cope with my disability moving forward. I highly recommend Mr. Zietz to anyone who is dealing with a long-term care claim that has been denied by an insurance company.

Dina E.

My experience with Mr. Kevin Zietz was extremely positive. He guided me through the Long Term Disability process step by step and regularly kept me informed on the status of my case. My questions and phone calls were always returned and answered quickly. It was very helpful that Mr. Zietz knew the insurance business intimately and his reputation with my carrier was evident. I am glad that I chose him as an attorney with my case and I would recommend him to anyone.

Thank you,
Lorena A.

I had long term disability insurance but after I was injured and unable to work, the insurance company refused to pay and denied my appeal. I got in touch with Mr. Zietz and he started working on the case immediately. It was obvious he was very knowledgeable in this area because he explained in detail why the company denied my claim and what we were going to do to provide them with the necessary evidence to appeal the decision.

Mr. Zietz kept me informed through every step of the process. Any time I called or emailed him he either spoke to me then or responded the same day. It gave me peace of mind during a difficult period that I could speak to him any time I had a concern. The quick response to every question made his experience and expertise quite evident. The insurance company reversed their decision without us having to go to court.

I will be recommending Mr. Zietz, without reservation, to anyone I know who needs legal help with insurance claims.

Tom G.

Mr. Zietz was instrumental in the successful appeal for long-term disability benefits which had originally been approved only through a certain date. The denial of my claim led me to believe that no additional benefits were going to be possible. However, Mr. Zietz was able to determine that the denial was inappropriate and convinced me to appeal a second time. This second appeal was successful and full benefits have been approved. Without Mr. Zietz’s help and insistence that a second appeal should be submitted, I would not have received the benefits that are rightfully mine.

Chris M.

I highly recommend Kevin Zietz, and am not a person who makes such recommendations lightly. Mr. Zietz took my case after one attorney quit and several others refused to help. I was almost ready to give up. Mr. Zietz was successful in getting my short-term disability and long-term disability benefits reinstated. He is also a caring and compassionate person making him very easy to work with.”

Danna K.

My husband and I were very impressed by your knowledge and expertise in handing my long term disability case. This gave us both peace of mind during the process, and you thoroughly kept me informed in terms of what to expect, even if it meant telling me something I did not want to hear about my case. I appreciated this immensely, as it helped me understand the process much better. You gave me great advise as well and showed great compassion for my cause. My husband and I were very pleased with your representation and would not hesitate to refer your services to others in the future.


Cathy H.

“I have been a senior executive for over 25 years in both the healthcare and engineering industries here in California, until four years ago when I became very ill from a rare disease, resulting in my total disability and inability to work. My company had a long term disability plan, which initially approved my eligibility. After two years or receiving both LTD and Social Security Disability, the LTD carrier abruptly informed me that I was no longer eligible for their benefits. I spoke with two disability attorneys, who did not understand my illness and its potentially catastrophic outcome, advising me that obtaining a reversal of the decision was slim.

That’s when I telephoned Kevin Zietz, who was both compassionate and competent. He immediately accepted my case, working both diligently and astutely with all my physicians and the LTD carrier, while frequently contacting me to check on my well being and giving me status updates. Mr. Zietz is truly brilliant! Within 3 months of my initial meeting with Zietz, the LTD carrier had reversed its prior decision and approved my claim.

There is no way any of this would have occurred without Mr. Zietz! He fully understands the LTD bureaucratic system, has invaluable contacts in both the medical, legal, and insurance fields, and was highly persuasive and passionate in his position to the insurance carrier. Mr. Zietz has both my full confidence and admiration for his efforts on my behalf; he also has earned my highest recommendation to all others, facing similar complex and unsettling legal matters.”

John S.

Mr. Zietz had an amazing recollection of facts in my case. He was always very professional, very prompt, and very effective at describing the case strategy and recommendations. Mr. Zietz was always very responsive to emails, telephone calls, and voice mails. He was able to explain the ERISA laws governing my case in a way that I was able to understand, as I did not have any knowledge regarding the rules governing my case before I retained Mr. Zietz. I was very pleased with the amount of the compensation that I received, and the short amount of time that it took to achieve a recovery in my case. I have, and will continue to recommend Mr. Zietz to anyone looking for an excellent ERISA attorney for a denial of disability benefits.

Mary S.