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The Law Offices of Kevin M. Zietz is a powerful advocate for people who find themselves being deprived of insurance benefits that they rightfully deserve and depend upon to survive in their time of need.

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you." - Walt Whitman

Reasons why you should hire Law Offices of Kevin M. Zietz to lead you out of the shadows when your insurance claim has been denied.

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Group Disability Insurance Claims (LTD)

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Individual Disability Insurance Claims

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Long-Term Care Insurance Claims

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Life Insurance Claims

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Bodily Injury Claims

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Uninsured/underinsured motorist

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The same passion that Kevin Zietz brings to fighting insurance companies that deny his clients their benefits he brings to breeding and racing thoroughbreds.
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Not only does Kevin Zietz dedicate his legal practice to making sure that his clients are treated fairly by insurance companies, he does the same for his horses. In 2012, he helped rescue a horse that his group previously owned after learning that this horse was not being treated well in Oregon. Since that time, he has emphasized the importance of working with “after care” organizations throughout the United States that focus on retraining and repurposing retired racehorses when their racing careers come to a conclusion.

Client Testimonials

I had the pleasure of retaining the law office…

I had the pleasure of retaining the law office of Kevin Zietz concerning my traffic accident. I was absolutely amazed!! He has the insight of a Physiologist, he was more than just brilliant! He comes with more than 25 years of veteran experience and it shows!!! He took my case with hardly any visible damage to my Mercedes. The disposition of my final settlement, far exceeded all of my expectations!! He is a man of kindness, understanding, warmth, and integrity! I didn’t want to call one of those television Attorneys! These are just spokesmen for their law offices. You don’t meet with them when you make your appointment, your case is handed off to a so called Case Manager, a glorified law clerk, sometimes a paralegal. When you retain Mr. Zietz he is the one that meets with you, He is the one that returns your call, E-mail, or Text. This is done immediately! If you have a question, need an update, the call is put directly into him. He is the only one that will negotiate your settlement!! In my humble opinion, I can honestly endorse him as the best Attorney in the country!!

Jory R.
Client Testimonials

Thankful for your hard work and dedication…

Jason S.
Client Testimonials

I was referred to Kevin by an attorney friend…

I was referred to Kevin by an attorney friend of mine. I am completely satisfied with the handling and outcome of my disability insurance case. I was wrongly denied disability insurance benefits under a group policy through my employer. Kevin was able to secure my benefits on appeal of the denial. Kevin took time to answer all my questions and was always accessible. He was on top of requirements and deadlines which is great for someone who is disabled. Kevin is very professional and trustworthy in my opinion and I highly recommend Kevin.

Cindy S.
Client Testimonials

Mr. Zietz was dedicated to my long-term care case…

Mr. Zietz was dedicated to my long-term care case from the beginning. He spent countless hours not only on our case but helping me through the emotional barriers that I was experiencing due to the way that the insurance company was treating me. He always made time to help me and my family understand process and to calm us down and ease the tension. He provided great support throughout the entire process. Mr. Zietz is a very capable attorney who was able to achieve a very satisfactory result in my long term-care case, which has helped me cope with my disability moving forward. I highly recommend Mr. Zietz to anyone who is dealing with a long-term care claim that has been denied by an insurance company.

Dina E.
Client Testimonials

My experience with Mr. Kevin Zietz was extremely positive….

My experience with Mr. Kevin Zietz was extremely positive. He guided me through the Long Term Disability process step by step and regularly kept me informed on the status of my case. My questions and phone calls were always returned and answered quickly. It was very helpful that Mr. Zietz knew the insurance business intimately and his reputation with my carrier was evident. I am glad that I chose him as an attorney with my case and I would recommend him to anyone.

Lorena A.
Client Testimonials

I had long term disability insurance but after I…

I had long term disability insurance but after I was injured and unable to work, the insurance company refused to pay and denied my appeal. I got in touch with Mr. Zietz and he started working on the case immediately. It was obvious he was very knowledgeable in this area because he explained in detail why the company denied my claim and what we were going to do to provide them with the necessary evidence to appeal the decision.

Mr. Zietz kept me informed through every step of the process. Any time I called or emailed him he either spoke to me then or responded the same day. It gave me peace of mind during a difficult period that I could speak to him any time I had a concern. The quick response to every question made his experience and expertise quite evident. The insurance company reversed their decision without us having to go to court.

I will be recommending Mr. Zietz, without reservation, to anyone I know who needs legal help with insurance claims.

Tom G.

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