Insurance benefits are something most people access at one time or another. Whether the benefits cover health, life, disability or even automobiles, we have come to depend heavily on the insurance industry when the unpredictable happens. When illness, disability or a personal injury occurs, insurance benefits can provide the financial lifeline people need to keep things on track. Unfortunately, too many people find themselves battling against insurance companies for the very benefits they have worked hard for. The Law Offices of Kevin M. Zietz is a powerful advocate for anyone faced with this situation. If your insurance benefits have been denied, Los Angeles disability claim attorney Kevin M. Zietz will help you.


Attorney Kevin Zietz

has more than 15 years of experience handling all types of insurance benefit denials. Throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding California areas, his practice areas cover both ERISA and bad faith claims involving disability, health, life, automobile and long-term care. He represents people whose insurance coverage comes from group employer plans as well as private policies.

Kevin Zietz is a lawyer passionate about helping those who really need it. This passion extends to his love of horse racing. Mr. Zietz owns racehorses and works to rescue abused and neglected horses.

Like the horses he saves, he uses his skills as a lawyer to aid injured victims of unfair insurance industry abuse and mistreatment.

Insurance companies have big-money resources. You have a powerful and dedicated advocate in Kevin Zietz.

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